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What is the New Zealand Open Research Network?

The New Zealand Open Research Network (NZORN) is a collection of researchers and research-associated workers in New Zealand. It aims to facilitate the growth of open practices by bringing together independently motivated and like-minded people, and providing a platform for the sharing of resources.

NZORN is inspired by the Open Science Community Utrecht and the Melbourne Open Research Network. We are one of a number of location-specific open sciences communities across Oceania that were initiated in October-November 2018.

What is Open Research?

Open research is a term describing a variety of practices directed at maximising the transparency of research, and ultimately leading to maximisation of public goods. These include: Open access publication, open data, open methodology, open source software, open educational resources & open peer review.

Interim co-ordinator


Matt Williams

Interim Co-ordinator

Matt is a lecturer in the School of Psychology at Massey University. He is eager to share responsibility for this with other like minded radicals. NZOpenRes does not yet have a formal leadership structure, but this is something that may come with time.


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NZORN is an inclusive and welcoming community by design. To preserve this, NZORN activities are subject to our Code of Conduct (see the Code of Conduct tab above).

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